—————————— The Problem ——————————
1Current risk management systems rely on human observation alone for hail detection, and therefore repeatedly overlook hail related losses.
2Hail storms frequently go unnoticed since 65% of hail falls outside of the 8-5 work week while managers are off work and focused on family or personal matters.
3Managers often return to work and go about their day, unaware that potentially damaging hail hit their property while they were away.
4Hail significantly shortens your roof’s service life. Although subtle signs of damage can initially be found, most managers are unaware of what to look for.
5Gradually, interior leaks begin to appear, leading to costly business interruptions and spiraling roof repair costs.
6Without knowledge of the hail storm, there is no reason to inspect the roof. As the subtle signs of damage fade from view, the correlation between the spiraling roof leaks and the unnoticed hail storm is never made. Ultimately, the insured loss is overlooked, and the roof replacement is paid for in error with the owner’s capital funds..
—————————— The Solution ——————————
1HailFlash™ Event Reporter replaces reliance on humans with cutting edge weather detection technology to dramatically increase accuracy and reliability.
2HailFlash™ monitors your properties 24/7 for potentially damaging hail so that every damaging hail event is instantly recognized.
3HailFlash™ automatically emails you a Hail Event Report detailing each affected property, the size of the hail, and the date of loss.
4HailFlash™ provides our clients with a Hail Damage Inspection Training module, teaching local managers how to conduct an effective preliminary hail inspection of your roof.
5HailFlash™ quick notification allows you time to promptly conduct proper inspections, perform temporary repairs to mitigate damages, and minimize costly business interruptions.
6 HailFlash™ prevents the oversight of insured losses. Following every damaging hail storm, a Hail Event Report is automatically sent, detailing the owner’s specifically affected properties, and signaling that it’s time to inspect your buildings for hail damage.

Stop overlooking insured losses.

Make HailFlash™ a part of your risk management system today!