The Benefits of HailFlash™

Hail Flash Event Report - Hail Alert Technologies - Hail AlertThe deployment of HailFlash™ Event Reporter …

  • Eliminates unnoticed and unreported losses, while accurately identifying the exact date of loss.
  • Prevents the oversight of hail damage that occurs at nights and weekends while managers and tenants are away.
  • Ensures timely inspection and minimizes consequential damages and larger losses.
  • Reduces the risk of costly business interruptions
  • Preserves less costly repair options
  • Ensures insurance is effectively utilized

HailFlash™ is much more than just a convenient service; it is a powerful risk mitigation and cost savings tool that is critical to the operation of your properties. Ultimately, HailFlash™ pays for itself through the preservation of your capital funds.

Minimize risk, maximize preparedness, and reduce capital expenditures.