About the HailFlash™ service

Hail Flash Event Report - Hail Alert Technologies - Hail Alert

HailFlash™ Event Reporter is a revolutionary new location specific hail monitoring service that automatically alerts commercial building owners when potentially damaging hail has fallen at one of their monitored properties.  Through the use of geo-coded weather data and a proprietary hail detection algorithm, HailFlash™ pinpoints exactly when and where hail falls. When these locations match up with one of the client’s monitored addresses, HailFlash™  automatically emails a Hail Event Report within 24 hours, detailing the hail size, location, and time of the event along with a list of their potentially damaged properties.

This information allows commercial property owners to:

  • ensure that they never overlook another insured hail-loss again
  • accurately and quickly identify all hail damage losses
  • mitigate additional consequential damages through immediate response
  • and avoid costly and unnecessary business interruptions

HailFlash™ is much more than just a convenient service; it is a powerful risk mitigation and cost savings tool for your company. Through the savings of capital funds and the reduction of roof maintenance expenses, HailFlash™ more than pays for itself. For the majority of our customers, the avoidance of just one overlooked loss pays for the service on their entire portfolio of buildings for 5+ years.

Minimize risk, maximize preparedness, and reduce capital expenditures.

Deploy HailFlash™ today.