The Technology that Powers HailFlash™

Hail Alert Technologies™ has leveraged the latest advancements in weather technologies to pioneer a revolutionary new automated hail monitoring and hail reporting service, dramatically improving the management of risk on commercial properties.

Hail Alert Technologies™ receives critical real-time weather data feeds from the National Weather Service’s Doppler Radar System and weather satellites. This data feed is then run through a proprietary Hail Detection Algorithm (HDA), resulting in highly accurate information on both the size and exact location of hail within severe storms.
Hail Flash Map

Once the geo-coordinates of the hail storm paths across the entire US are computed and mapped, the data is then cross referenced with a geo-coded list of our clients’ monitored properties.   When the two overlap, our system automatically creates precise and actionable Hail Event Reports, delivered to you via email within 24 hours of the hail event.  Your custom Hail Event Report lists each of your properties in the path of damaging hailstorms, along with the size of the hail affecting each.  This timely notice of potential damage is critical to the elimination of overlooked losses.

To us, it all about the science… to our clients, it all about the savings.

Minimize risk, maximize preparedness, and reduce capital expenditures.

Deploy HailFlash today.