About Us

How it all began

Hail Alert Technologies, and the revolutionary HailFlash™ Event Reporter service, was born from the common knowledge between owners and risk managers that relying on local managers and tenants alone to report hail damage often leads to unnoticed damages and overlooked insured losses.

The ongoing trend in business today is to leverage advancements in computer technology to automate decision making that has previously fallen on the shoulders of humans. The accuracy and speed of this automation has overwhelmingly resulted in improved efficiencies, reliability, accuracy, and lower costs.   Following this trend, Hail Alert Technologies has leveraged the latest advancements in weather technologies, and pioneered a revolutionary new automated service for building owners.  Our HailFlash™ service provides 24/7 hail event monitoring at any address in the United States.  Following the detection of a potentially damaging hail event at a monitored client property, we deliver highly accurate, building specific, alerts to owners and their representatives.  In short, this allows commercial property owners to:

  • accurately and quickly identify hail damage losses
  • mitigate additional consequential damages through immediate response
  • ensure that no hail-related property loss is ever overlooked again
  • and avoid unnecessary and costly business interruptions.


Why human observation alone fails

DETECTION: The responsibility for detecting hail storms commonly falls on a member of the owner’s local management staff. But because 65% of hail falls outside of the normal 8-5 workweek, it is easy to picture hundreds of scenarios in which even the most conscientious  managers would overlook a potentially damaging hail storm. No matter how observant they might be, the fact is that 2/3rds of hail events occur while managers are off work and focusing on family matters, or even sleeping.

REPORTING:  Obviously if a hail event is not detected it will never be reported, but surely all noticed storms are reported, right?  Not exactly.  Very few managers are armed with a detailed knowledge of how exactly hail damages roofs.  So even if they notice the storm, many managers incorrectly assume that there is no damage if their roof is not leaking.  This is a common misconception shared among most managers.  For more information on this topic, visit this page: HOW HAIL DAMAGES ROOFS

INSPECTION:  Even with knowledge of the hail event, knowing what to look for is the key to avoiding overlooked hail losses.  Without proper training, managers will continue to look past the subtle signs of hail damage which will ultimately and unnecessarily lead to increased capital expenditures. In addition to the Detection and Reporting, our HailFlash™ service, provides you with the inspection training your key personnel need to quickly identify potential damages.

The value we add

HailFlash™ is much more than just a convenient service; it is a powerful risk mitigation and cost savings tool for your company. Through the savings of capital funds and the reduction of roof maintenance expenses, HailFlash™ more than pays for itself. For the majority of our customers, the avoidance of just one overlooked loss pays for the service on their entire portfolio of buildings for 5+ years.

Detection, Notification, Inspection.  HailFlash™ is the right solution.