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A Brief Overview

It is estimated that over 50% of commercial losses resulting from hailstorms go overlooked and unclaimed… but why?  Simply because managers were unaware that one of their buildings was hit by hail!

To combat this problem, Hail Alert Technologies™ has pioneered a revolutionary new service for commercial building owners that provides 24 hour hail event monitoring at individual buildings, and delivers highly accurate alerts of potential property loss following damaging hailstorms.  Overlooked hail damage shortens the service lives of roofs, HVAC systems, EIFS, etc.,  and leads to costly repairs and replacements. These  repairs and replacements are then mistakenly paid for with owners’ capital  funds instead of insurance funds, simply because the hail event was never noticed.  A reliable and timely notification system, coupled with prompt inspection, allows owners to:

  • Accurately and quickly identify hail damage
  • Avoid interruptions to mission critical facilities
  • Ensure that property insurance is effectively utilized


Surprising Hail Facts

Purple shading shows yearly hail fall

  • 65% of all hail falls outside the typical 8-5 work week while managers are off work

  • Approximately 40% of every square foot East of the Rockies experiences damaging hail each year

  • Certain areas receive up to 15 damaging hail events per year

  • Over any 5 year period, almost no location goes untouched by hail

When it comes to hail, it’s not a matter of IF, or even WHEN, but HOW OFTEN, so…

Are you willing to continue risking millions of dollars betting that your current system for identifying hail damage is flawless?


The Problem

Insured hail related losses are often overlooked. Most owners’ risk management systems rely solely on people to alert them of potential hail losses at their properties, but this system is critically flawed.  Since 65% of hail falls outside the 8-5 work week while managers are focused on family and personal matters, many hail events escape their attention. This oversight of the hail event then leads to an oversight of the related damage, as proper inspections are not performed to identify the hail damage.

Managers’ second line of defense, the inspection for interior leaks to identify rooftop hail damage, is also critically flawed.  Unbeknownst to most managers, interior leaking associated with hail damage is often delayed by 3-18 months, and by then:

  • The hail storm has been long forgotten (if ever recognized at all)
  • The interior leaking is mistakenly diagnosed as a maintenance issue.
  • The insured aspect of the loss is completely overlooked, and
  • Spiraling repair costs eventually force the owner to replace the roof in error with capital funds.

So is there a reliable technology that will monitor hail events at my buildings
and automatically alert me of every potential hail loss?


The Solution – HailFlash™ Event Reporter

The ongoing trend in business today is to leverage advancements in computer technology to automate decision making that previously relied upon humans alone. This shift has overwhelmingly resulted in improved efficiencies, reliability, accuracy, and cost savings.

HailFlash™ Event Reporter is a revolutionary new location specific hail monitoring service that automatically alerts commercial building owners when potentially damaging hail has fallen at one of their monitored properties.  Through the use of geo-coded weather data and a proprietary hail detection algorithm, HailFlash™ pinpoints exactly when and where hail falls. When these locations match up with one of our client’s monitored addresses, HailFlaish™ automatically emails a Hail Event Report within 24 hours detailing the hail size, location, and time of the event along with a complete list of their potentially damaged properties.


HailFlash™ is the next logical advancement in managing weather related risk at commercial properties.



The Benefits of HailFlash™

The deployment of HailFlash™ …

  • Ensures you never overlook another insured hail-loss again
  • Prevents the oversight of hail damage that occurs on nights & weekends while managers & tenants are away
  • Ensures timely inspection and minimizes consequential damages and larger losses.
  • Reduces the risk of costly business interruptions

HailFlash™ is much more than just a convenient service; it is a powerful risk mitigation and cost savings tool that is critical in the operation of your properties. Ultimately, HailFlash™ pays for itself through the preservation of your capital funds.

Minimize risk, maximize preparedness, and reduce capital expenditures.

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